BTS (방탄소년단) BON VOYAGE Season 4 Preview Clip 3 : 왜 날 두고 가!

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2019.11.19 9 PM (KST) Weverse 독점 공개

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BTS Bon Voyage Season 4
19 Nov 2019, exclusive on Weverse

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Typical fangirl 6 мес. назад
*_They left Jhope but he's actually the one who had all of the money😂😎_*
레이첼 실 레스 6 мес. назад
Like que no lo vas a poder ver porque eres pobre :v Autolike para no desaparecer
Dea Theth 6 мес. назад
Is anyone else fascinated by the way J-Hope holds his phone? I wish I had weverse :(
prjjk lyrics 6 мес. назад
Bts: more than a group we are a family. Also bts: - forget Hoseok at the gas station - ._.
Taetae_luv 6 мес. назад
The best and exciting parts of bon voyage are "who got lost this time?" XD
Taty R 6 мес. назад
No te la creo, en serio olvidaron a Hobi Estos chicos 😂
Janeese Playz-Roblox 6 мес. назад
No one: Seriously no one: Honestly no one in the world: Me seeing the thumbnail: WHO LEFT MY BABY ALONE IN THE COLD!!!
「LISA」 6 мес. назад
Imagine putting gas into your car and seeing J-Hope just standing there.
안녕Senly 6 мес. назад
Hobi: gets left behind Hobi: those idiots.. I'm gonna spend all of the money.. Tangjinjaem Tangjinjaem Tangjinjaem.....
Elsa P 6 мес. назад
Y así fue como BTS perdió la Esperanza (hobi)😂
Marley E 6 мес. назад
Imagine a netflix show with a camera man just documenting the adventures of lost Hobi lol
Bon voyage1:jimin lost his bag Bon voyage2:V lost his suitcase Bon voyage3: Rm lost his passport Bon voyage 4:BTS lost Jhope😂
RUBIKO IHSAN 2014 6 мес. назад
BRING THE SOUL 2019 FULL MOVIE played»» Сиз акыркы тасмаларды жана эски мектепке Интренет болотe
Sunchie Jung 6 мес. назад
Jimin left his luggage, Taehyung lost himself, Namjoon lost his passport and now, They lost Hoseok this time😂😂😂
Lizeth Gil 6 мес. назад
Definitivamente no deberían dejar conducir más a Jungkook, primero choca aún taxi, ahora se olvida de Jhope.. 😂😂
Doramas K-Pop y mas 6 мес. назад
*like si amas a* *J-hope y quisieras algún día* *conocer a BTS en persona ❤️* >~< 👍
btsmoka hc 6 мес. назад
Lianne Venice 6 мес. назад
I love that the cameraman just watched the vehicle go like didnt even stop it
Faith Ryuzaki 6 мес. назад
Imagine just trying to get gas and seeing a famous man get left behind by his members
tokki taekook 6 мес. назад
Bts: *leave hobi* Rm: * count the members* wait we're only six Suga: omy gosh JHOOOPEEEREE
Flower Child 6 мес. назад
*J-hope being forgotten for 1 minute and 5 seconds straight* 😂😂
Susy TV 6 мес. назад
Es muy lindo like si opinas lo mismo Comenta si ya descargaste Weverse
Joanna Rockenrollqueen 6 мес. назад
Well, jokes on them cause J Hope has all their money. He is walking to Balenciaga as we speak.
Jay Elle 6 мес. назад
Hobi be like: You guys left me? Then *Imma spend these money all by myself*
Christine 6 мес. назад
his pocket literally even has a tiny location on it and yet they still forgot him pls 😭😭😭
신입아미 6 мес. назад
For those of you who don't understand: 0:10 what? 0:14 they left without me? 0:18 they seriously left? 0:22 did they actually leave? 0:25 what should I do? 0:31 wow really? 0:37 seriously? 0:41 I can't believe 0:43 How much do I earn here(idk if its right) 0:56 hey why did you leave me behind? 0:59 (caption)If you want to know what happened next, first episode on 11/19 21:00
[Caramel• Macchiato] 6 мес. назад
Recién obtuve mi licencia para manejar, ya estoy en camino a recogerte bebeeee!!! Espérame!!! XD I love you 💙🇲🇽
SITI NURAENI 2014 6 мес. назад
BRING THE SOUL 2019 FULL MOVIE played»» Сиз акыркы тасмаларды жана эски мектепке Интренет болотe
Asia's Animations 6 мес. назад
BTS in Bon Voyage has improved a lot over the years in the series! They went from leaving items and luggage behind to leaving entire members behind! 😄👏👏👏 _(Jokes aside, I'm not even surprised this happened)_
Jihyun Jin 6 мес. назад
HOSEOK BEING THE BIGGEST MOOD bts: *left hobi* Hobi: i have the money dumshitsss
Dara Gonzalez 6 мес. назад
Los amooo Like si tu también los amas
Abigail Horan 6 мес. назад
Como van a olvidar al solecito de BTS JAJAJAJA 😂🧡☀️
K-NATION _ 6 мес. назад
The way J-hopes nose are as red as Santa’s rain deers.
Diana camila Tirado 6 мес. назад
Like si crees que jhope es humilde ; buena persona,amable y sexyyyy!!!! Jhope is hope
Kim NamJin 6 мес. назад
Like si no entendiste nada pero crees que J-hope es hermoso ♡
Petition 4 Long hair Jungkook in Rainism Plz 6 мес. назад
He couldn’t believe it lmfao. They really left without him.
MaBeL cAnDy 6 мес. назад
Frida Sofia Vera davalos 6 мес. назад
J-hope hablando al teléfono de jungkook: EEEEEH WEEE, NO MAMEEEN.
Uchenna 6 мес. назад
I love this and him so much I like how I could understand a tiny bit off what he said, he’s so cute!!💜
BLT 6 мес. назад
If someone found a lost Hobi, do they get to keep him 🤣😂💜❤️
Abril Park 6 мес. назад
Bangtan: Somos una familia, somos tan unidos, nos cuidamos el uno al otro Also bangtan: *olvidan a Hobi en la gasolinera* Lo olvidan y el llevaba el dinero 😅😅
Holly Rhind 6 мес. назад
They forgot a jung hoesok Bts:did we forget something Jin:oh yeah my bag J-hope on phone:why did u leave me behind
Katy Broca 6 мес. назад
"La esperanza es lo último que se pierde" Bangtang olvidando a J-hope:
Monica Huereca 6 мес. назад
The fact that everyone lost there stuff now they left HOSEOK 😂😂😂😂😩😩😩
taryn leigh 6 мес. назад
how can ya'll forget jhope when he's so loud😭😭
My Seoul Belongs to namjesus 6 мес. назад
They left Hobi in t gas station!? Me: where’s the gas station at I’ll go and make hobi some company 😂🤧 * Sips sprite*
Badra Mahida 6 мес. назад
hoseok looks like me when myfriends go with out me hhhhhh
JKʼs world 6 мес. назад
okay the other members are literally hoseok antis, bye im leaving-
Jackson Smith 6 мес. назад
Hobi: *texts to bts group chat* hey I think you guys forgot something Rest of Bts: *looks around* no I think I got everything Hobi: *takes a selfie still at the gas station place* -send- Rest of Bts: oh shoot turn back! 😂we forgot our sunshine!
itsyeojam 6 мес. назад
yoon nie 6 мес. назад
j-hope why looks cute looks cooler than before😍
Love Yourself 6 мес. назад
It’s ok Hobi I can relate my family sometimes forgets I exist 🙃
Kyleth Paralejas 6 мес. назад
Funny how they left Jhope with a lotta money HAHAHA
Yezi Yezi 6 мес. назад
jhope said "ok keep calm the money is in me all"😂😂
Hope girl 6 мес. назад
Who lovs jhope and never forget him Like
Hafeen Sharif 6 мес. назад
Me : I have no idea what they are saying Also me: HAHAHAHAH THAT’S SO FUNNY 🤣
wizard 89ag 6 мес. назад
I love how he didn’t panic like if u leave me behind I’ll cry I don’t know my way home😔
Ivanna Erne 6 мес. назад
O-MY-God 😂😂 that is literally me, I feel you J-Hope I feel you. That my mood. 😂🤣
Jung.kookie K.ookies 6 мес. назад
Alivia S. 6 мес. назад
This'll probably get lost in the comments but HOBBBIIIII!!! WHERE CAN I GET THAT JACKET!?! i need bad. also, I need to learn Korean so I can get somewhere in life instead of using my brain to process what they're talking about and laughing awkwardly because I'm confused. IVE BEEN LEARNING SINCE THE TEAR ERA AND I'VE GOTTEN NOWHERE!!! K-Army: ㅋㅋㅋ 파보! ㅋㅋㅋ Me: 야! 추그래?!? 아있... 미안해요. 저는 문제 있어요 ㅜ.ㅜ
ana chavarria 6 мес. назад
Amado castillo Hernandes 6 мес. назад
JAJAJAJAJA nada más vine para ver cuando dejan a. Jose ok en la gasolinera :v (Laik si tú también) :v Es mame vine a ver la hermosura de los Morros 7w7
elpidio moreno 6 мес. назад
J-HOPE , te quiero mucho . eres gracioso , Like si tu tambien lo amas
say fon 6 мес. назад
normally j-hope looks cute already. this style looks cute too. 2 Go again
Kim Taehyung uwu 6 мес. назад
Ya me imagino a los chicos tipo: *BTS bien tranquilos, suena el celular de uno de ellos* -ora J hope para que me marcas?... J hope?... Ay no- *contestan* -Holi jeje- -Yah! Por que me dejaron?- JAJAJA solo ellos hacen eso
hoba want sprite with chikennoodle soup 6 мес. назад
*Taehyung* Hyung I want ice cream. *Namjoon* Ok let's eat ice cream J hope- Where is he, he is in charge of money. *Jungkook* Hyung I thing I left him. *BTS* 😦😳😱
fred Relayza saboya 6 мес. назад
Bangtan: Somos mas que amigos, somos una familia. Alzó bangtan: Abandonado a hobi en la gasolineria. 😅😂 -like si amas a bangtan-
A R M Y 6 мес. назад
*amo los momazos q estan saliendo* _amo a mi fandom lpm_ :v
Jayson Smith 6 мес. назад
Pobrecito! Mi Novio Fue Olvidado 😆❤ Pero Jamas Sera Olvidado En Mi Corazon 🌻❤ Te Amo Hobiii 💦❤
Julia_ Mattos 6 мес. назад
Quando a pessoa, referindo a: J-hope, e milionário diz -- Me dê tudo! tão simples né?, ele e rico, ele pode, ele faz o que ele quizer Poooodeeeeeerooooooosoooo
Blue moon kook 6 мес. назад
Why did they leave our sunshine their Hobi was like: for real?! Did they just left me here wow I can’t believe it.
Miszy Lizzy 6 мес. назад
He’s talking to Jungkook-ah Naughty kookie
Christie Jean Anderson 6 мес. назад
You know you're in kiwi land when you see the big ol' Z lol And the flag, literally just noticed that lmao
JK 1997 Line 6 мес. назад
I'm excited for this bon voyage😆 👍-Like this if your excited too😍👍
Maykeling Meza 6 мес. назад
🤣🤣 anuma me dejaron al hobi y al camarógrafo votados jsjsjsjjsjsj 🤣🤣
Sabrina Cheong 6 мес. назад
lol i just realize that they left j-hope with the cameraman tf😂😂
Gsc 6 мес. назад
É uma nova versão de "esqueceram de mim", só que com o BTS hahahahaha
When I see Jhope holding two $50's and one $20
ccljvns 6 мес. назад
Lab_ 0503 6 мес. назад
They also did this to Jimin in a bon voyage season. Seriously😁😁😂😂
Daniela Chamorro 6 мес. назад
JAJAJAJA amo a J-hope y a su carita de decepción porque lo abandonaron😂
Sabrina Silva 6 мес. назад
"Esqueceram de mim 4" 😂
Donaji Conde Lorenzo 6 мес. назад
Yall did my mans so dirty I cant believe they left him😂😂
Anne Nguyen 6 мес. назад
Reminds me of a scene in Little Miss Sunshine ☀️ 😂 Hobi is our eternal sunshine
Gwen 6 мес. назад
Inner Hoseok: I have to act calm, i just have to call them to come back for me Inner inner Hoseok: *internal panic* I AM GOING TO HIT <insert driver here> HOW DARE THEY LEFT ME HERE ALL ALONE, AND JIMINIE JIMINIE ALLOWED THIS TO HAPPEN TO ME 😭😭 NO MORE KITHES FOR JIMINIE AND JUNGKOOKIE
사랑namtiddies 6 мес. назад
Henrik Tawatao 6 мес. назад
I live so close to geraldine😭 I’d never think they would come to nz
방탄A.R.M.Y 방탄 소년단 6 мес. назад
They left Jhope but he's actually the one who Had all of the money 😂😎
CrisTa 6 мес. назад
Déjenlo en México 🇲🇽 yo me encargo del resto.
Ronald 6 мес. назад
Jaja escuché que dijo "No lo puedo creer"🤣
Violet Owl143 6 мес. назад
It's so weird seeing bts in front of a gas station I'm so familiar of 😭
Vicky Rocano 6 мес. назад
Mi amor, como te hacen eso... My hope, I love J-Hope...
Sharon's Cup of Tae with a SugaKookie Kim 6 мес. назад
Me: CAN'T BELIEVE THEY FORGOT THEIR SUNSHINE!!! also me: Trying so hard not to laugh cause they forgot Hoseok. And he's surprised face.
리아나 6 мес. назад
Imagine going to fill up your car and seeing a lost Hobi 😭😭😭😭😍
BTS in my hearteu 6 мес. назад
Is this what they said as "i don't understand but i just love it" Poor hobi
Bts Infires man 6 мес. назад
They soooo meannnnnnnnn 😭😭😂😂😂😂😂😂 But it’s low key funnnnny
&-La loca de los shinos zuculentos 7u7-& 6 мес. назад
J-hope me representa a mí cuando mi omma se olvida y se va de la fila del supermercado y la tengo que esperar
rrrhcjn rcgjn 6 мес. назад
ARMY Even though we got ROBBED by PCA awards, thanks to them, army got angry and started buying BTS albums on itunes and trended hashtags. Now, BTS persona is no 1 in 45 countries, and entered top 40 in literally almost all major countries in the world lol, after 7 months of release lol lol lol. This never happened. Even songs which are 3 years old like AGUST D, HOPE WORLD, cypher also entered charts all around the world beating all new releasing songs. Power of ARMY
Kornelia Mawarni 6 мес. назад
J hope be like :'teman yang terlupakan'😂😅
Monse TJ 6 мес. назад
Hoseok mood: eh, ogetes, me olvidaron.😔