Stray Kids "Double Knot (English Ver.)" Performance Video

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Stray Kids(스트레이 키즈) "Double Knot (English Ver.)" Performance Video

Stray Kids Digital Single "Double Knot (English Ver.)"
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Layla 4 мес. назад
Anyone who is bilingual knows how difficult it is to translate even simple stuff,I can't even imagine how hard it must have been to translate a song and match it with the beat. Well done boys! We're all proud of you!! ❤
Miuchichuu 4 мес. назад
okay, but hyunjin sounds so cute when he raps in english, i- *they're aLL so cUte*
Adwa Taimoor 4 мес. назад
“Even if you think you can’t get enough One out of hundred is just good enough, Mix every single color only just to watch it all end up black” I’M DEAD
Genesis Jean Calzado 4 мес. назад
The last number of your like is the one whom you're going to marry: 1 Jongin 2 Felix 3 Jisung 4 Hyunjin 5 Seungmin 6 Changbin 7 Minhoe 8 Chan 9 Woojin 0 JYP 😂
Janaki Beeram 4 мес. назад
Ahjumma Chingu 4 мес. назад
JYP: "Y'all international fans here's the english version of double knot" Me, an int fan: *sings in korean*
I'm bored 4 мес. назад
Hyunjin, Changbin and Felix voices kind of change when they strarted rapping it in Eng. And it's kind of awkward, I'm having mix feelings. But the visuals are awesome 👌🤓
Just BeB 4 мес. назад
Things I need: 1. "My decision my life" on repeat because Minho's pronunciation is just so fascinating 2. Someone please explain me why Hyunjin did THAT wave and the cameraman ZOOMED RIGHT THEN AND THERE 3. An explanation on how it's possible that Changbin and Hyunjin can rap so fast in English, like I can rap as fast as Changbin in English and I know English way better than Korean 4. Are you, Han stays still alive after the last part? 5. WHY ALL THE POPULATION OF THE GLOBE DOESN'T STAN STRAY KIDS YET?
dani다니아 4 мес. назад
*even in the English version I can't rap with hyunjin part* stray kids are the *emenim of korea*
Ayesha Shaza 4 мес. назад
Stray kids: Stray kids everywhere all around the world . Me : T - T youre not even at my country :,,( brunei.... 😭 Also by the way this is lit and like oml hyunjin ily.
Hyunjinsknot 4 мес. назад
Me thinking: Double knot can’t get any better. Skz: Watch us sing the whole song in english. Me: *Chefs kisses*
Alvi S 4 мес. назад
if I’m being honest that’s a GREAT BEGİNİNG. I can see that they’r working hard to improve their English and this gives me hope mostly. And, I’m so happy to see our squirrel HAN is doing amazing. And Hyunjin my giant baby, you did a great job. His rap is so fluent to a Korean idol. I’m proud of you. They’r doing their best like always. And we should sport them more. Alsoooo Chris, I’m so thankful to you for everything honey, you are great leader.
Casey GT 4 мес. назад
Jldan22 4 мес. назад
After listening to the Korean version so much, it's always going to be a little jarring hearing the English (same when there's a Japanese version, you still think of the Korean lyrics haha), so I think it's just getting used to this version. I know Felix is a native English speaker, but damn I loved hearing his deep voice sing/rap in English!! They're really supporting their 'everywhere all around the world' motto by doing these different versions, they value their international fans so much <3
。。i stan too many groups 4 мес. назад
NCTzen _xuxi 4 мес. назад
*inserts confused math lady meme* Me: why is stray kids releasing an English ver.? Also me: ohhh maybe it’s because of their upcoming concerts in the US I won’t be going to cuz I’m poor 😔
Isabella Humphrey 4 мес. назад
awww I.N. kind of has an Australian accent!!! you can hear how at 1:46 he doesn't use a US accent, it's more neutral and aussie, yay! bless chan and felix, his hyungs rubbing off on him <3
Francisca Rosso 4 мес. назад
I gues it was going to sound weird , (and yes it is sound a bit extrange) but I actually like a lot💕❤💕 There are Bilingual Kids There are Stray Kids If you see this I love you so much guys , please come to Chile , I will be waiting ❤💕😔
Han Jult 4 мес. назад
Talented, brilliant, incredible, amazing, show stopping, spectacular, never the same, totally unique, completely not ever been done before
•Louise YT• 4 мес. назад
Anti's: stRAy kIDs dOEsn'T kNOw hOw tO spEAk eNGliSH. Hyunjin: *Hold my Iced Americano...*
shayed 4 мес. назад
Had to use my headphones to fully understand most of the stuff and I gotta say that they are pretty good! Only a few parts where words become a little inaudible for me but overall good.
Josh dt 4 мес. назад
Straykidz: Stays: Oooowwwwmmmmyyghaddd they're so good
Mango Sus 4 мес. назад
Jisung out here coming for my life 😭❤️ I literally have tears in my eyes they have done so well! At first I wasn't sure about the English versions bc most of them don't sound good at all but Stray kids proved me wrong
R. H 4 мес. назад
Im addicted to lee know's *I Know That I can go Anywhere* 0:28 1:40
vkooq 4 мес. назад
when english still sounds like korean
Laura Müller 4 мес. назад
When i hear "I tighten my Double Knot" in this Song, then i totally misunderstanding it. I just hear a german sentence in this Part "ich erteile ihm einen Double Knot" german fans will maybe understand it ^o^ BUT I LOVE THE ENGLISH VERSION OF THIS SONG TOO!!
violet 4 мес. назад
Usually korean singers have heavy accent when singing in english - I am surprised that I actually can decipher what they say, their pronounciations are clear! Great job kids!!! 💛💛💛
Azul Maldocan 4 мес. назад
Re raro escuchar el "drama tikka ma tikka" en ingles chabon Y la parte le Seungmin, lino y ahora jisung también es muy rara JSJSJAJAJ MENCANTA
Chris xx 4 мес. назад
This sounds soooo weird in my head lmao, but I LOVE that I can finally learn a kpop song word for word 🥳
Iman Syakirah 4 мес. назад
*THE RAP LINE IS KILLING IT* their pronounciation was smooth <3
Poke_kpop _ll 4 мес. назад
Is it just me that thinks hyunjin sounds like a kid in at 0:46 ?
Stephanie Radu 4 мес. назад
Aiseu Nana 4 мес. назад
“Dramatic cutscene every scene is the best of the best cause my life is a 5 star movie i’’m not done yet so—“ — My fav line tho😂
Vera Groeneveld 4 мес. назад
This is Jisung's mv. He really slayed this
Lully Lightwood 4 мес. назад
Me: omg Felix is getting more lines! Always me when I realize why: ... *I'm a clown*
Just BeB 4 мес. назад
"You'll be surprised, I'll be everywhere" - Chan, this is your confession that you have accounts to stalk fan pages on every media page?
aina bee 4 мес. назад
Tanja 5 4 мес. назад
Imagine MIROH English version Poor changbin and jisung 😂
coco tortosa 4 мес. назад
Changbin rapping in only english is a blessing to everyone's ears
·• l i l x c •· 4 мес. назад
*"My decision, My life!"* You tell 'em.. TwT
Heenun Fleur 4 мес. назад
This version is so powerful ! I'm really impressed, releasing english version, with almost 2 years career is very brave. Stray Kids always take risks, always try new stuffs, and I love them partially for it <3
Azaelea Carse 4 мес. назад
It’s just a whole lot of Aussie accents attacking me ahh
S. A 4 мес. назад
Chan: You'll be surprised I'll be everywhere. Me: *looks around my room* Why you lying chan?
EXO-Suho Skz_BangChan 4 мес. назад
"You be surprised I 'll be anywhere !" _Chan 2020_ Okay i 'm waiting Channie
Mina Yun 4 мес. назад
Thivya D 4 мес. назад
This song is awesome⭐🌈 especially the Felix rap part at 1:23 Felix raps : *Blank sided dice* *No sided coin* *Wherever it points* *Now it doesn't matter* *Cause I'm following the broken compass in the void*
Priscilla Ojedapo 4 мес. назад
Hyunjin: suddenly my vision kept on getting wider Me:🌚🤣🤣🤣 I can’t be the only one that laughed a little Cus of his English voice. But still this slaps REGARDLESS.👏😌
صيدلانية المستقبل 4 мес. назад
Arab stay always here to support you >_<الستاي العربي دائما الى جانبكم♥️. مبدعين وموهوبين بمعنى الكلمة♥️فخوره لاني ستاي إبداع وصوت ولفظ وكل شي. بين قوسين كتله مواهب متحركه ومننسى اللطافه والجمال ~_~ كل شي اقوله ميعبر عن مدى حبي الكم .
Just BeB 4 мес. назад
Me: English version, I can finally rap with them- Changbin's part: think again
123annelarissa 4 мес. назад
Chan : I will be everywhere Me : I wish , I really wish
definitely sol 4 мес. назад
oh noes we lost hyunjin's "dramatica tica" :(
Luzelle Dela Cruz 4 мес. назад
Skz released English ver of Double Knot Felix: coz I'm following the brErken compass in the void
V 4 мес. назад
This attacked me twice as much as the original.... aww man I love this too much. *screams* TIGHTEN MY DOUBLE KNOT
Stay Forever 4 мес. назад
I love we.It´s a fantastic song.I love it .
ash's gacha edits 4 мес. назад
The reason this might be weird to listen to for you can be because You'll see that even the deep voiced member's voices sound higher when they speak English, with only 2-3 exceptional members. that's something many bilingual people have to deal with, like me. (I don't speak Korean btw, I speak Japanese!) Whenever I'm speaking Japanese I notice that is how my voice sounds originally but when I start speaking english it's much thinner and makes me sound a lot you get than I am. That's why it's jarring for many people hearing this english version. It's not fully because of the language, but becuase of how they sound. However it's not always like this. Some people manage to have very similar voices in every language they speak. An example of this world be regular by nct. When you listen to the the Korean and english version, it's not really weird for you since they manage to sound similar in both versions. In stray kids, since most of them are not very good at english and are still learning, they tend to sound very different.
arenarrah hervas 4 мес. назад
Wtfff their english is so ugh! It's even more harder for the rappers tho! This is definitely a yelluu cardeu!
Chandre Hill 4 мес. назад
I just woke up to this. My day is starting off great
Misaki Mei 4 мес. назад
2:17 excuse me
MinShooky 4 мес. назад
When I thought that the korean version is enough to kill international stay like me *But then JYP decide to release the english version and I'm--* *Vdhegwusheusiwhsisz*
BTXTS 4 мес. назад
Omg their english is soo good like it doesn’t even sound like they have a heavy accent. Yall, i cant wait to see levanter english ver 😭😭
Kangsora 2 4 мес. назад
You'll be surprised I'll be everywher :) FIGHTING OUR STRAY KIDS♡
akira melody 4 мес. назад
Minho: I know i can go anywhere Me: Yes, I KNOW YOU KNOW LEE KNOW
페레즈Aritzel 4 мес. назад
Lo que mas se me pego de la canción fue "my decision my life" ^^ Me asombro mucho escucharlos cantando ingles,son mi orgullo :3
Kszk 4 мес. назад
aaaah Han!! he did so well!! you can really tell they all worked very hard on the translations (and their pronunciation omg), but Han's parts were my favourites! especially the last chorus?? oh lord, it is to die for! I really admire how he has begun choosing to prioritize what things he wants to and is able to do. I know I find that super hard and frustrating even though I know, and feel, how it is better for my health. I hope Han can or does feel happy about choosing to focus on his health. and not just as a fan y'know? just because he is a person and he derserves to be healthy (that goes for anyone reading this, too xoxo) woop woop! skz you did so well, you can really be proud!! stays all around the world will tighten their doubleknots and proudly follow their dreams!!
Sharon Hoseok 4 мес. назад
I feel so disrespected by Han whenever he's in the center 😭😍🙈 lol
TheZestyCookie 4 мес. назад
Non-soon-to-be- stays aren’t even ready for this
Khadija Salim 4 мес. назад
Me:*sees the notification and it registers it's the English version* Me:*clicks on the notification* Han: The thoughts inside my- Me: proceeds to choke on my cookie cause I had realised it's an ENGLISH VERSION
Luzelle Dela Cruz 4 мес. назад
Everyone's criticizing the translated lyrics but I'm here to see if they changed the choreography at 1:25 😐
reena pant 4 мес. назад
Skz: " I tighten my double knot" My head: "DEO KKWAK MUKKEO DOUBLE KNOT"
이영미 4 мес. назад
*I was changing to school and i watched the notification and i was like:* OMG I WILL HEAR IT RN I DON'T CARE SCHOOL And I'm watching it lol they're perfect :""v🤧🤧
Begum Cavus 4 мес. назад
hyunjin really hit us with the Hi I’m Sam Hwang
Queen A 4 мес. назад
When Changbin start ro rap i think i drop my heart :'''
urmummygay 4 мес. назад
i prefer the korean version because it hits harder but this is a masterpiece because i can hear changbin speaking english thanks for coming to my tedtalk
Lemon 4 мес. назад
*alright lets talk about Hyunjin's English now* **sips tea**
llevyy nnguyenn 4 мес. назад
This is a masterpiece it’s amazing. But can I just say that Hyunjin’s verse is just so- it lowkey gave me goosebumps 😂 “Dramatic cutscene every scene is the best of the best cause my life is a 5 star movie”
Devy Keynons 4 мес. назад
Me : Why am I single? My single soul: *I tighten my double knots*
Silversmile 4 мес. назад
Me: watching the first 10 seconds, forgetting it's the English version and getting ready for Jisung to rap in Korean Also me: getting confused in which language he's rapping😂😅
A.R.M.Y Forever 4 мес. назад
Han: *_breaking all the rules_* Me: *_WELL YEAH YA BEING SEXY_*
Pinkykitty _chan 4 мес. назад
That's so awesome and the background tho well that's really good I'm really speechless but only thing I want to say is that they looks so cute when they talk or sing in English and Stan Stray Kids😊😊😊
Midzy Stay 4 мес. назад
Me: I must learn the English ver My brain: But already being wash by the Korean ver
BORN TO SHINE 4 мес. назад
To translate a song like Double Knot and sing it perfectly in english you should be STRAY KIDS. And me as a huge fan of them I'm proud to live at the same era as those talented boys.
Giovanna Flammia 4 мес. назад
I didn't think I needed another version of this song but I guess I did and I have to be honest I actually loved it so much they are really giving us STAYS A++ quality production.
Stray Kids 4 мес. назад
"one of of one hundred is just enough." i wish i can be content but i just want more..
Danielle Lee 4 мес. назад
Me: *finishes watching the mv* Also me: i'M fiNe tHaNK yOu aND yoU
Eun-hye world 4 мес. назад
Why i can't stop watching this Cry cry
Nisha Asum 4 мес. назад
This is the first English Vers. MV that doesn't sound messy I have ever heard in my entire life
Szachi Ducusin 4 мес. назад
2:42 Han Jisung really out there swerving Stays all around the world to his lane. 🔥🔥🔥
vidya rajesh 4 мес. назад
This performance video is a masterpiece to view!!! Stray Kids Everywhere All Around The World
Luzelle Dela Cruz 4 мес. назад
Seungmin and Felix's parts tho!!!!!
exo-lstay 4 мес. назад
Hyunjin:"my life is a 5-star movie* me:fact
shuurie ryuuki 4 мес. назад
When you thought you could perfectly ace the rap part cuz it's finally in english but you still struggle, my tongue is in double knot!!
Teresa Muñoz Torres 4 мес. назад
Han literally sounds like a native. This boy just does everything perfectly. I seriously appreciate these boys work and effort so much! Thank you Stray kids! #YouMakeStrayKidsStay
Heura Povedano 4 мес. назад
I was already dying to wait for the English version I love it!
lee_mean_hoe 4 мес. назад
Omg changbin looks so freaking hot... 😂❤️😭 My cousin is with me and she is looking at ne fangirling and is laugh-crying 😂
아유김AyuK 4 мес. назад
The way I hear the pronunciation so clear. I felt like a proud mom😂 Damn I’m even younger than all of them except for Jeongin😂👌🏻 01 liners rise😂😂
KJM Hallyu 4 мес. назад
It's funny how idols their voices tend to get a bit more high-pitched when they sing/rap in English. Fascinating
Twice Made me gay 4 мес. назад
English speaking stays :: *happy* People who still cant understand korean or english :: *visible frustration*
Lana Badoian 4 мес. назад
binnie: mix every single colour only just to watch it all end up black artists: *cries in stay*
NRGGirlGamer 4 мес. назад
The amount I got bias wrecked by Han freaking Jisung is unhealthy 💀😍💕🔥
Indri Febriani 4 мес. назад
jisung's pronounciation is so precise i love hearing every seconds of it
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