Stray Kids "You Can STAY" Teaser

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Stray Kids(스트레이 키즈) "You Can STAY" Teaser

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3063 комментариев
Hyunjin Park 5 мес. назад
noone: straykids: stay: me: *cries after reading title* ㅠㅠ
Hannah darlin Ibarra 5 мес. назад
Nobody: Not even Felix: Me one second into the song: I LOVE YOU THIS SONG IS GREAT EVEN YOU GUYS ARE, YOURE DOING GREAT SWEETIES
Sophie Tao 5 мес. назад
stay kids: "you can stay" me: *"babe, i'm not leaving even if you told me to"*
Hazel Gupta 5 мес. назад
Imagine woojin saying "You did it guys, you did it" And stays dont be sad cause woojin never left cause he is a stay now
oH mY jEsUs 5 мес. назад
Stray Kids: “You can STAY” Me: *crying in different languages*
icetee 5 мес. назад
JYP: how many stays would you like to cry? Stray Kids: yes
myheartislike 5 мес. назад
Stays yesterday: "We'll cry when Levanter releases" Stays today: in tears because of You Can Stay teaser
Alexander Iskandar 5 мес. назад
Stray Kids: You can stay STAYs including myself: We will stay Me: Not Woojin Also me: I want Woojin to stay along with us
Carla Agustí 5 мес. назад
No one: Not a single soul: Literally nobody: Felix: *has lines on a song* Me: screaming
ChimChimJams 5 мес. назад
Nobody: Not a single person: Not a soul: Stray kids: GOING ON TOUR Me: NO NOT YET! I NEED TO GET MONEY!
bᥣᥙ 5 мес. назад
*I could just imagine Woojin shaking their light stick*
Chitaprr Pwark 5 мес. назад
*Video starts playing and Felix’s deep voice comes on* *Me: KDMDMSDMDMSK FELIXX SKSMSLAK*
Sleepy aien 5 мес. назад
So this is the reason why a lot of cameras filming on the crowd when the concert
-darkyun 5 мес. назад
stray kids : "you can stay" stay : *"even if we had a choice you know we will"*
na 5 мес. назад
i’m not going anywhere ): my heart hurts so bad
Munch kyn 5 мес. назад
It is only a teaser but whyyyyyy it is soooo goood Me:😭😭😭
OnceStayMydayAhgaseHottestExo-lCaratNctzen JYPSTAN 5 мес. назад
when I first seen the track "you can stay", it's like straykids is telling us that we can stay, that it's our choice to be with them and it's okay if we don't. And Mr. Chris, we decided to stay with stray kids.
Ida :3 5 мес. назад
When you put a comma between Stay and Can it also means “You can, Stay!”
chanscherry 5 мес. назад
"You Can STAY" lyrics A place we both run for each other Yeah, we've always been together In the same place, it feels like time passes so quicky The time is filled up, crowded with our memories Before I met you I didn't know the sky was this bright I thought the warm sunshine just stung Thankyou for coming to me, For become a shadow like me in the approaching light The sound of the wind caresses us instead of cold wind You and I, the two of us You came here to me EDIT: THANKS FOR THE LIKES PLEASE SUBSCRIBE TO MY CHANNEL
Park Thim cute BTS 5 мес. назад
I'm my opinion *You can STAY* Is for *WOOJIN*
Lae 5 мес. назад
Wig: Gone Anxiety: Balanced Depression: Gurl bye Staying at home and supporting skz: forever
ALI A.R.M.Y 5 мес. назад
*Do You Like Felix?* Yes=Like No=Comment
* Rãiñbõw * 5 мес. назад
No one : Stray kids : make a comeback once a month Stay : we want it we got it
Smooth Ruiz 5 мес. назад
SKZ: You can STAY ‘Woojin-hyung’ Me rn literally crying
Fatima Aqila 5 мес. назад
Since i know Stray Kids, whole things in my life started to change. They are my motivation to be always in my pace, be my self, never look back, and try something that you never try befor and be the winner. Thanks, SKZ❤️
Fatin 5 мес. назад
Stray Kids: You can Stay Stays: We are forever by your side
everydaydreamer 5 мес. назад
me *sobbing*: pfffft OF COURSE I’M GOING TO STAY
Kore Tutkunu 5 мес. назад
How many STAY's is here? ✅👍😊STRAY KIDS❤STAY's😊👍✅
I miss Woojin 5 мес. назад
jyp: how many stays do you want to cry Stray kids: *_yes_*
Nimul Chea 5 мес. назад
Me: sees this tittle Also me: *jumps off a mountain*
Charles Shau 5 мес. назад
“You can stay” Thinks about Woojin
-BTS Army- 5 мес. назад
Dear: j.y. Park pls let Woojin stay pls we need him pls let him comeback
Im_a_multifandom 5 мес. назад
Stray kids : "you can stay " Me : when did I ever leave!! These guys have no idea how much I love them! 🤧
oLa Patata o 5 мес. назад
noOOOOO LPM AÚN NO ESTOY LISTA PARA ESTOOOOOOOO >:’C Posdata:Stray Kids everywhere all around the *WOLRD*
zykey S 5 мес. назад
"You can STAY" Reminded me of Woojin :'( If he could just stay. *He'll stay in SKZ & STAY'S hearts FOREVER ♡
Anna Gguk 5 мес. назад
In 1 day, 9 hours, and 25 minutes cle: levanter comes out #StrayKidsComeback
Oh My Chicken! 5 мес. назад
grxce kxm9⃣ 5 мес. назад
boyfriend: do you love me? me: of course i do! boyfriend: more than those stray kids dudes? me: hey hey hey watch out. know your limits bro
Ririn Fidianti 5 мес. назад
"You can stay" SURE, I WILL STAY.
Once HyunjIN Don't HyungjOut *oi felix* 5 мес. назад
Why I am feeling that this is for Woojin and they are saying to him that You Can *STAY* ... But I can't wait for it. This touched my heart. Dit it also touched your heart? If Let me know, not like.... Give like to The Teaser and MV.... I will get it ☺️
I'm Addicted to K-pop 5 мес. назад
How many dislikes can I get? "Stray Kids x BLACKPINK"
Han Jisung 5 мес. назад
Me: I swear I'm not going to cry My friend: Are you ok? Me: No...
Lil Georgie 5 мес. назад
Who else can kinda hear what is love 💓 at the start 💫
Vanessa Gloria Candra A. 5 мес. назад
Is it just me or I can see "Woojin is always being right here"
Areage Ali 5 мес. назад
Stray Kids: You can stay Me: i'm gonna stay no matter what even if you told me to leave
Thihansa Godakanda 5 мес. назад
Idk people have time to press the dislike button? Even I forget to press the like button🙀👽
strxxgxrl 5 мес. назад
JYP : How many teasers do you want to put ? Stray Kids : Yes
squirrel han's cute chubby cheeks uwu stan SKZ! 5 мес. назад
"You can STAY" me: "I WAS NEVER LEAVING IN THE FIRST PLACE!!!" like if you're a stay forever! 💜💜💜
Felipe Oliveira 5 мес. назад
Anyone else notices those chords similar to Twice’s “Like a Fool”?
strxxgxrl 5 мес. назад
No one : JYP : How many stays do you want to kill ? Stray Kids : Yes
Damn that’s CRAZYYY 5 мес. назад
This will be THE SONG that will get us stays in our feels after time passes.
—Kim 5 мес. назад
Olha aqui JYP se vcs inventarem de postar isso de madrugada Pode ter certeza que vai ter chinela voando
Frans Fernando Gultom 5 мес. назад
Stray kids MV 2019 Miroh Victory song 19 Chronosaurus Side effects TMT Double knot Astronout Levanter
STAY KIDS 5 мес. назад
Stray kids : you can stay Stay : I will stay forever
skz kiddos 5 мес. назад
This song feels like home, warm and majestic
Elsa Saphira 5 мес. назад
this music will bop even woojin in backstage. how if woojin be there😭💜
baeby giants 5 мес. назад
stray kids : you can stay stay: we will stay for skz no matter hard the situation *cuz WE ARE STAY*
sofi guardado 5 мес. назад
this is my fav song and i didn’t even hear it completely.
Grummelbärchen 13 5 мес. назад
Why is this song so sad somehow, but it just feels like home?
nctleaf 5 мес. назад
this is just the teaser and i've already cried like 3 gallons of tears
A.s 5 мес. назад
И вот как тут не заплакать, народ? We will STAY
Amna Khalfan 5 мес. назад
This is so hurtful *cRy 😭*
ARINA E. 5 мес. назад
Ждём 9 число♥️ люблю вас-Stray Kids♥️♥️♥️
Gelai B 5 мес. назад
skz is the only thing that makes me happy and cry. i will forever cherish skz and being a stay😖💞
Maria Grace Morales 5 мес. назад
As soon as i heard their voices tears suddenly burst out i can't... Even-
Dalkomhan chocolate ice-cream-cheoreom 5 мес. назад
They make me So so happy I'm literally crying at the airport
s k z _ d a y 6 _ u w u 5 мес. назад
when i heard felix's rap, i thought to myself "this is gonna be a bop"
Hannave Smithney 5 мес. назад
minho's part had me crying (':
Dea Maris 5 мес. назад
"IT LOOKS SOo GOoOD~" With Chan's Sound 😂🤣
KIAN DEUEL 5 мес. назад
SKZ: you can STAY Stays:we will STAY *WOOJIN crying inside*
Angelica Hernandez 5 мес. назад
Stray Kids:”You can Stay” Me:” I wasn’t planing on leaving”
badmoonsoul 5 мес. назад
I feel like this one's gonna be my fave
Warpi Sankhil 5 мес. назад
You can STAY Hits me hard 😭😭😭
I am Cila 5 мес. назад
me rn: try not to cry after seeing this:'>
xCrazyChiChi 5 мес. назад
I'm here as a new stan after seeing how sweet Han Jisung was when reacting to Mamamoo! I hope they do well during their comeback! (:
Sub Rosa 5 мес. назад
they literally just- i still stan clowns.
milena gomes 5 мес. назад
Mano isso é só o teaser MEU DEUS
STAY & ONCE 5 мес. назад
esto es realmente hermoso lo digo estos niños merecen más reconocimiento
darbin lee 5 мес. назад
i just imagined myself hearing this song at their concert & got chills & started tearing up :')
Sarah Hch 5 мес. назад
Sounds like an emotional song, Stay prepare the tissues
{:SourStar Studios:} 5 мес. назад
I stoped breathing for 57 second when this whole thing started 😂
Giovanna godoy 5 мес. назад
Su existencia me hace feliz ❤❤ Saludos desde Argentina 🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷💖💚💙💜💛❤💗😙😚😗
Gabriela Costa 5 мес. назад
Gostei tanta de você João És muito bonito shut the face Eve Ezekiel toast he would muito feliz Priberam so if you met her Gabriela bijuteria 🇯🇵😜💕😻❤
Ri Lee08 5 мес. назад
SKZ : You can stay Me : of course i will stay
Damn that’s CRAZYYY 5 мес. назад
How can u dislike this? Like seriously
N I N I 5 мес. назад
the fact that im soo jealous cause i cant never go to skz concert since skz won't makes a concert in malaysia, but can jyp do the concert dvd, like the full length concert in dvd, i would like to buy.
Park Yoonie 5 мес. назад
Me coloque a llorar y a gritar a plena noche :'v, me encanto el teaser ❤❤
Jsxcielo 5 мес. назад
smhaaokir 5 мес. назад
Whenever someone asks how many members there are in Stray Kids, I will always say there are 9. I really can't see how I would say 8.
Geraldine Johnson 5 мес. назад
noone: literally no one: not even stays: stray kids: you can stay :) stays:☺🙂😐😯😦😢😭😭😭
Lee Jihoon 5 мес. назад
Jyp: how many STAY's all around the world do you want to cry in this comeback? Straykids: YES!
Marie Fhea Pepito 5 мес. назад
Its like twice's one in a million just my opinion.
persona who the hell am i 5 мес. назад
the dislikes are from the people that cried and the tears hit the dislike button
strawberry jisung 5 мес. назад
stays, stray kids, and jype staff share one braincell and thats to not be able to spell
17crystal _ 5 мес. назад
Such an emotional song 😭 Can't wait for tomorrow
Stay and stray kidz = a neverending story and a neverending love
aw man 5 мес. назад
of course we’ll stay, we’ll never stray. omg, I feel sad now. but it’s also cute at the same time. the amount of light sticks seen here, aH.
geraldine manginsay 5 мес. назад
They need to reupload it because they spelled the wrong "WORLD" word on first video ㅋㅋㅋㅋ cutest
Peach panda 5 мес. назад
I want their lightstick so bad 🥺❤️ IM DEFINITELY GOING TO THEIR CONCERT
Adya Choudhary 5 мес. назад
I feel like crying right now because all of them are so awesome and they deserve all the love. We love you stray kids😘😍💙💚💛💜♥💕❤💌💟💞💝
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